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Infamy was created in 2010 by a group of friends that played together in previous expansions. We are currently the longest-standing 2-day Raiding Guild on Draenor & plan on being active for a very long time.
Our goal with the guild is to maintain a progression based raid ethic whilst having fun & enjoying the content.
In short; we value the social aspect of this game combined with steady and good quality raiding.
We raid on the EU server Draenor two days a week. Our raid schedule is Wednesday 8-11:30 and Sunday 8-11:30ST.
We offer strong progress on a 2 day schedule that has worked well since the guild formed.
We never add extra raid days.
Progress in tier 18 is 11/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel.

Guild Master: Illithiyia
Officers: Bigbreath - Cattleclysm - Grimlock - Xetno
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Xhul'horac Mythic
03/03/2016 05:03 PM by Bigbreath
Took a while but finally the big revenant is dead!! All attention turns to the top of Hellfire Citadel & the finishing post for this tier of raiding - all raiders begin your Mannoroth homework!

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Tyrant Velhari Mythic
02/02/2016 04:22 PM by Bigbreath
Grats on the kill everyone! Took a little longer than expected due to the Christmas break to get back into the swing of things (especially due to some IRL emergencies with one of our officers due to the flooding in the UK - our thoughts are with him & his family). Please check the Xhul'Horac tactics for the next progression boss.


Happy New Year(s Eve!)!!
31/12/2015 09:32 AM by Bigbreath
Happy new year everyone!! Hope you have all enjoyed the break. As you all know normal raid's resume this Sunday. Can everyone who has not already done so please read up on Tyrant Velhari. & Xhul'Horac Mythic & see any posted discussion on the current progress on Velhari on the relevant forum thread.

Have a good one!!


Applicants should:
- Attend/Accept 80% of raid invites (100% during trial period). Most of our roster are former hardcore raiders who no longer have the time to commit to a heavy raiding schedule & we find a stable team with few changes works well.
- Register a forum account
- Read the guild rules section
- Look out for any questions that may be asked regarding your application here.

- For social applications, please register a forum account & click here to apply via a shortened application form.

Currently Recruiting
Balance Druid
Windwalker / Mistweaver Monk
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman

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