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Infamy was created in 2010 by a group of friends that played together in previous expansions.
Our goal with the guild is to maintain a progression based raid ethic whilst having fun & enjoying the content.
In short; we value the social aspect of this game combined with steady and good quality raiding.
We raid on the EU server Draenor two days a week. Our raid schedule is Wednesday 8-11:30 and Sunday 8-11:30ST.
We offer strong progress on a 2 day schedule that has worked well since the guild formed.
We never add extra raid days.
Progress in tier 18 is 13/13 Heroic and 2/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel.

Guildmaster: Apphia
Officers: Beastlike - Bigbreath - Cattleclysm - Illithyia
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Iron Reaver Mythic
01/09/2015 04:05 PM by Bigbreath

Good work Sunday! Screenshot to follow...

Watch GMOTD for the plan Wednesday. Don't think we'll have too much trouble with re-killing Reaver - Kormrok is the next Mythic encounter if people can do some research on the tactics.


Hellfire Assault Mythic
21/08/2015 05:30 PM by Bigbreath
Good work people! Only took another Archimonde HC kill to get 1/13 :p good work to the new raiders who have had little experience on these encounters for stepping in & cleaning house.


Archimonde Heroic
08/08/2015 11:42 AM by Bigbreath
Attention all raiders! Its been too long since I updated Guild News :D Sunday lets all bring the A game & get rid of Archimonde so we can move on to Mythics. I won't settle for anything less than replacing this image with a kill screenshot tomorrow!

*edit* good work all!! quick kill on HF Assault on Weds before next heroic clear please see forum post regarding raid signups.


Applicants should:
- Attend/Accept 80% of raid invites (100% during trial period). Most of our roster are former hardcore raiders who no longer have the time to commit to a heavy raiding schedule & we find a stable team with few changes works well.
- Register a forum account, read the guild rules section & look out for any questions that may be asked regarding your application here.
- For social applications, please register a forum account & click here to apply.
- Recruitment is currently open. We are recruiting DPS of a variety of classes - see below.


Frost Death Knight
Balance / Feral Druid
Mistweaver / Windwalker Monk
Holy / Retribution Paladin
Discipline / Shadow Priest
Restoration / Elemental Shaman

>>Apply Here<<

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